Business Innovation

Inholland University of Applied Sciences
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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4 lata
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International Business
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2168.00 EUR
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Do you recognise yourself in the following statements?
  • You want to have your own business (someday).
  • You want to solve ‘wicked problems’: complex, interconnected social and environmental problems.
  • You want to help companies grow or adapt to our new ever-changing modern age.
If you do, then the bachelor’s programme Business Innovation is for you: an energetic, fast-paced and innovative programme. All in an informal, community-based and non-traditional environment. 

What you need to know about Business Innovation

  1. This is not a standard business course. We mix traditional business, innovation, creativity and internationalisation.

  2. The student population of Business Innovation consists of approximately 50% Dutch and 50% international students.

  3. We have a unique international learning environment.

  4. The educational philosophy is innovative and challenging.

  5. Our students develop and implement real changes in societal challenges.

  6. We enable you to be the master of your own study and development.

Wymagania rekrutacyjne
  • Wypis godzin oraz ocen – jeśli wciąż się uczysz i dlatego nie masz jeszcze świadectwa ukończenia szkoły średniej, bardzo ważne jest załączenie wypisu. Szczegółowe informacje na temat sposobu wypełniania tego dokumentu oraz termin jego przesłania znajdziesz tutaj.
  • Świadectwo dojrzałości – w przypadku ukończenia szkoły średniej nie potrzebujesz wypisu ocen – wystarczy, że do formularza aplikacyjnego załączysz Świadectwo dojrzałości wraz ze świadectwem ukończenia liceum (bądź technikum).
Wymagania odnośnie języka angielskiego

Spełnienie wymagań w zakresie języka angielskiego można udokumentować w następujący sposób:

  • IELTS - 6.0
  • TOEFL – 80

Every business needs strong innovative entrepreneurs and leaders, be it the service, entertainment, health, financial or technology industry. According to research (e.g. by INSEAD) many companies, even highly innovative ones are still struggling to generate useful new ideas (continuously) and converting these ideas into viable products and services that add value. The need for graduates who can generate ideas and implement them -i.e. IBIS graduates- is high, on a global scale.

The graduate of the International Business Innovation Studies programme is equipped to become the new business innovation executive that contemporary society needs: a truly innovative entrepreneur with well-developed discovery skills and profound 'traditional' business knowledge. Not only does the IBIS graduate come up with big and out-of-the-ordinary ideas as well as smaller, incremental, meaningful changes, s/he is also capable of following up on these ideas and turns them into (financially) successful reality on an international scale. S/he is a broad thinker (rather than extremely specialised) with design intelligence, who is able to make sense of the large amounts of data and content that is being created around the globe.

As a (junior) director of innovation you are a master of 'disruption'; you can define necessary changes, bring these changes about and steer your company (whether self-employed or not) to a durable and prosperous future. Equipped with strongly developed analytical skills and up-to-date insight in developments, you deal with and find solutions to problems and issues that haven't been encountered before.
The International Business Innovation Studies graduate is an idea fuser: "[a person with] the ability to pull two unlike things together to create a beautiful third" (Fryer, 2012), and a knowmad: "nomadic knowledge and innovation worker --a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere" (Moravec, 2012).