HZ University of Applied Sciences
Miasto, kraj
Vlissingen, Netherlands
Czas trwania studiów
3-4 lata
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2168.00 EUR
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English (ENG)
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Chemistry is all about experimenting, researching and analysing. You are going to ensure diseases are no longer life-threatening, or you’ll be solving murder cases based on DNA analyses. Are you ready to help drive the world forward? Then opt for a Chemistry course at the HZ.

You will be researching the composition of substances and products and will be able to analyse these down to the very last molecule. From waste water to medicine to plastics. Suppose there is a suspicion the groundwater is contaminated, then you will be able to ascertain whether this is actually the case.

In addition to a researching attitude, you will be eager to learn and enjoy inventing or creating new things. Would you like to be employed as a chemical engineer in the business community, or for a non-profit organisation?  The Chemistry course at the HZ will train you to become an analytical and accurate researcher.

This study programme offers a three-year track for excellent students. After completion of the study programme, you hold a Bachelor of Science of 180 ECTs. Admission to this programme depends on your preliminary education. to be eligible, you would need a secondary education diploma that is equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma, an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma or Abitur, 3 A-levels. The study coordinator will decide on your admission in this 3-year track after having reviewing your records.


Applied Chemistry

In Applied Chemistry you learn the chemical principles, processes and techniques that you can then apply in research, common instrumental separation and analysis. Applied Chemistry deals with the composition and quality of raw materials and products such as drinks, shampoo, medicine and food. You analyse organic materials and study environmental problems and may also conduct research into how to improve products.

Life Sciences

In Life Sciences you study subjects such as bacteriology, virology, epidemiology and immunobiology, the development of modern vaccines and the application of DNA techniques to identify micro-organisms. You also learn how to use fluorescent imaging techniques.

Wymagania rekrutacyjne
  • Wypis ocen – jeśli wciąż się uczysz i dlatego nie masz jeszcze świadectwa ukończenia szkoły średniej, bardzo ważne jest załączenie wypisu. Szczegółowe informacje na temat sposobu wypełniania tego dokumentu oraz termin jego przesłania znajdziesz tutaj.
  • Świadectwo dojrzałości – w przypadku ukończenia szkoły średniej nie potrzebujesz wypisu ocen – wystarczy, że do formularza aplikacyjnego załączysz Świadectwo dojrzałości wraz ze świadectwem ukończenia liceum (bądź technikum).

Przed aplikacją sprawdź wymagania bezpośrednio na stronie uczelni. W przypadku problemów ze znalezieniem szczegółowych, aktualnych wymagań, skontaktuj się z konsultantami Kastu.

Wymagania odnośnie języka angielskiego

Spełnienie wymagań w zakresie języka angielskiego można udokumentować w następujący sposób:

  • IELTS - 6.0
  • TOEFL – 80
    Ważne wymagania

    Na świadectwie dojrzałości musisz mieć wynik z matematyki, chemii oraz (mile widziane) fizyki i biologii.

    Dodatkowe wymagania
    • Strong fundamentals in biology would be an advantage.

    As a chemical Engineer employers will be lining up to recruit you, and your starting salary will be well above average. You can work as a researcher, product development analyst, commercial assistant or quality controller in national and multinational companies, medical or biomedical laboratory, food inspection departments, government institutes, research institutes or universities.