Kastu and cookies

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At Kastu International, we are thrilled about the opportunities that new technology is bringing us. Cookies is just one way that we can deliver an even better experience for you. Consequently we use cookies to create the most effective experience for you by serving relevant information as well as continuously improving the experience.

You can find out more about cookies and how they work here.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for a lot of things, however here is a list if you want to know more in detail:

  • We use cookies to log you into our site
  • We use cookies to automatically keep you logged in
  • We use cookies to remember which of our programmes you've added to your application form.
  • We use cookies to limit the amount of times you see the same content
  • We use cookies to continuously measure what and how you interact with our portal, to make the experience better
  • We use cookies to avoid showing you the cookie disclaimer next time you visit us
  • We use cookies to understand your interests in order to present you with the most relevant content at our own site and in emails
Improving our service

Google Analytics sets cookies to help us estimate accurately the number of visitors to the website, and how much use it gets. This information helps us improve the quality of the website. For example:

_utmaUsed by Google Analytics to identify users anonymously, to record new visitors and repeat views.  2 years
_utmbUsed by Google Analytics to establish a session.30 minutes
_utmcUsed by Google Analytics to establish a session.When you close your browser
_utmzUsed by Google Analytics to record information about how visitors arrive at the page, helping us to see how you found the site, and how effective the navigation is.

6 months 

You can find out more about cookies and Google Analytics, on the  Google website.

Can you use Kastu without accepting cookies?

Unfortunately, no. We have simply acknowledged that it will be too complicated, and a huge step back in our experience. The only possibility for not accepting cookies, is hence to not use the site.


Targeted advertising

We pay for adverts to increase awareness of our services. Some of these are 'targeted' at people who have been on our site before. To do this we provide information to the advertising company by placing a small pixel on certain pages. This information can't be used to identify you. You can switch it off in your browser.