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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a research-oriented public university founded in Shenzhen, China’s innovation center.

Are you looking for a dynamic university that thrives on research, innovation and entrepreneurship? Located in the dynamic metropolis of Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, SUSTech is centered on a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation and research. As China’s research and development center, it is the perfect place for entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators alike to make their home alongside tech giants such as Huawei, Tencent, BYD, DJI, BJI and Mindray.


From our inception, SUSTech has attached enormous importance to attracting high-quality talents to its faculty. Through our continuing efforts to introduce world-class educators, SUSTech is proud to have over 800 faculty members on staff, and we continue to expand its faculty with amazing talent from all over the world. Many of our faculties have been honored with selection into national or regional talent programs, and SUSTech is keen to nurture and cultivate its talented staff.

  • 100% - Ph.D
  • 90% - Have worked overseas
  • 60% - From Top 100 University


SUSTech is proud of its unique dual-advisor system, which ensures that our students have every aspect of their lives are cultivated to maximize their university experiences. We believe that it is important that students are able to develop their personalities and be nurtured as potential future leaders with a global outlook.

  • 4205 - Undergraduate Students
  • 2214 - Postgraduate & Doctoral Students
  • 15 - Countries International Students Come From
  • 10:1 - Student: Teacher Learning Ratio

The Development Plan

By promoting the application of scientific and technological achievements and nurturing innovative talents, SUSTech shall provide a long-term platform for educational reform within a framework of sustainable development and support of Shenzhen.

  • 2015–2020 – Lay the Foundation

Start the benchmarking stage for the establishment of academic disciplines.

  • 2020–2025 – Build Excellence

Become a distinctive, top-tier university in China, having made significant progress in higher education reform.

  • 2025–2049 – Reach for Global Impact

Achieve development in all areas and enhance our global impact for a great SUSTech.

Academic Disciplines

SUSTech has learned from world-class research institutions spanning the globe and has planned its academic disciplines based on the major needs and strategic industries emerging around the Pearl River Delta region. With a major focus on science and engineering, SUSTech still has substantial research focuses in medicine, humanities and social services, to maximize the potential for new ideas across disciplines for new knowledge, new technologies and social development.

As SUSTech adapts and embraces the new challenges, the university continues to expand its academic opportunities for future leaders. With a strong emphasis on research, the growth in research centers and key laboratories will provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

Sustainable Campus

The SUSTech campus sits in the rolling hills of Nanshan District in the bustling city of Shenzhen, with the verdant green lawns reflecting the environmentally friendly policies of the university. The natural and tranquil environment combines perfectly with the modern style of Shenzhen and its convenient location. With the campus covering an area of nearly 2 square kilometers, there is plenty of room for students to cogitate and consider their research or relax and enjoy their lives on campus. With students transiting the campus on foot, by bike or utilizing our convenient electric shuttle buses, our commitment to environmental sustainability is strong. By placing ourselves among glorious greenery, we can partake in and protect the gorgeous flora and fauna that naturally occurs in Guangdong Province.


Wymagania rekrutacyjne
  • High scool diploma - Matura with three subjects at extended level (overall average of 80% or above)
Wymagania odnośnie języka angielskiego

You can confirm your English language skills by one of these:

  • IELTS - 6.0
  • TOEFL - 80

Exceptions are for the native speakers of English and for the ones whose previous degree is fully taught in English.

In addition:
  • Please submit TWO recommendation letters. 
  • Please provide any proofs of special strengths and talents if applicable. (optional)
  • Personal statement. It should answer to the questions: What skills, qualities and experiences would you bring to the program and how will they help you succeed? How will the opportunity to study at SUSTech help you in your academic, personal and professional development? What are your career aspirations and how will successful completion of this program help you achieve them?  Your personal statement should be no more than 500 words in length, be written in English and be your own work.


Application fee – universities in China have an application fee which you have to pay applying to university. With one application fee which is 90€ for this university, you can apply for three study programs.

With most of our residential colleges having either a lake or mountain view, students can awaken to a calm and pleasant vibe. With plenty of student facilities within 5 minutes walk of the colleges and most classes no more than 10 minutes away, you can understand why students love living on campus.

Lakeside Community

The Lakeside community offers undergraduate students fully furnished 3 or 4 bedroom suites. Six RC halls are located near on-campus dining options, Student Cafeteria, Western Food Restaurant, and Chinese Restaurant. Each building provides students access to 1st floor laundry room, and  1st and 4th floor study rooms located on each floor.

Lychee Hill Community

Overlooking campus, amid rolling hills and lychee trees, is the Lychee Hill Residential Area. The area consists of four residence halls surrounding a central grassy area. Each residence hall has seven floors, and offers residents fully furnished 4 bedroom suites.

Other Communities

A key characteristic of our hillside campuses, that are home to an abundance of wildlife. Joy Highland and Wisdom Valley communities are designed not only to provide a beautiful and tranquil environment for work and study, but a habitat capable of supporting an increasingly diverse range of animals and plants. The two communities are opened to graduate students.