Słowo od ambasadora

Ulrika Cronenberg Mossberg
Była ambasador Szwecji

Sweden Ambassador Ulrika Cronenberg Mossberg talks about the importance of education and an youth choice to go to study abroad

Education, regardless of a field, is a very important part of a person’s life. It enables individuals to take an active part in a society and enjoying what it is offering. Education is an ongoing process, with a duration of a lifetime, and it provides individuals with the opportunity to continuously gain new knowledge.  

The experience gained, while studying abroad, by getting to know another culture, a new language and by meeting people from all over the world is tremendous. Regardless of career pursued it is a great addition to the studies back home by adding an international dimension.

The standard of education is very high in Sweden and there are meticulous controls of the academic institutions so that they are continuously maintaining their high level. There is a close collaboration between business and academia and Swedish universities offer more than 600 Master programmes in English providing a wide spectra of possibilities. The programs are arranged according to the student demand which provides for a student-centred environment where individual initiatives and critical thinking is encouraged.  

In Sweden, a multicultural student body is acknowledged as a resource and is highly appreciated by both the universities and their student bodies. Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply for a place at university, although the admittance competition is intense. However, given high enough marks from previous studious accomplishments a degree equivalency for former academic achievements is granted on a lithe basis.

A significant part of a student’s social life in Sweden revolves around the student unions. The student unions also assist in finding accommodation moreover help out with other practical things. So, before leaving your country, I advise to contact the student representatives at your host university upon arrival to make sure that you get introduced to both academics and social events as soon as possible.

With best regards,
Ulrika Cronenberg Mossberg