Słowo od ambasadora

Simon Butt
Były ambasador Wielkiej Brytanii

Importance of education and the youth choice to go to study abroad

As the British Prime Minister has said, "…the greatest and most important subject for our future of all is education. Nobody ever forgets their teachers. They nurture minds, develop characters, instill ambition and build confidence. They change lives and we should be very proud of what teachers do and what they achieve". Furthermore, "once, developing a skill was something ambitious people did to get on. But now, skills are essential for all of us to just get by. And the skills people need are changing fast and will change faster again. Today's teenagers aspire to jobs, such as in software engineering and graphic design that our parents' generation hadn't even heard of. So a good education for every students is no longer just desirable, it is indispensable. Everyone needs to develop a skill. Everything we do in government must be directed to equipping people for these jobs of tomorrow. Put simply, if we don't invest in the future, we have no future." So, all students should very carefully choose their educational institution.

In my opinion, now when Lithuania is in European Union it is a wonderful possibility for students to go to study abroad. It represents an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizon, get a new perspective on your subject and gain experience and skills that are valued by employers, because we all know that employers are increasingly looking for people with experience of living abroad, cultural awareness and knowledge of another language. Moreover, spending time abroad will also help demonstrate that you are adaptable and willing to take on a challenge.  

In Great Britain international students make up 10-30% of the university population, and there are a number of opportunities for student to meet both foreign and British students and become a part of campus life.

If you are person, who is going to study in the Great Britain, I advise you to enjoy the experience and make the most of the opportunity to study with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.